Honest Monkey Brewery



How many monkey faces can you see?

The Honest Monkey Brewery series includes South Africa’s most mischievous monkeys, including the Vervet and Samango monkeys.


The Virtuous Vervet brew is a Blonde Ale which integrates characteristics of the Vervet monkey's bright blue balls. Virtuous Vervet is infused with sweet blue borage flower extract - one of the Vervet monkey's preferred flowers. 


The Sincere Samango brew is an Amber Ale which incorporates characteristics of the Samango monkey's golden amber eyes. Sincere Samango is infused with peppery orange nasturtium flower extract - a favourite snack of the Samango monkey.


The label design simplifies by reducing the monkeys and their characteristics to basic geometry and colour. In doing this, the series creates an eye catching modernity which attracts the eye of the buyer.